Tale of the Dragons

A long time ago, in lands far, far, away, people and nature lived in harmony. And there were Dragons and Unicorns. They were considered friendly and good luck. But then man started seeking power other men, so they tried to destroy the very things that gave the common man their good luck. Noble Kings and Valiant Knights went out and killed the Dragons and captured the Unicorns, cutting off their horns where they believed the magic lies. Which, of course, killed the Unicorns. Many English tapestry’s of the times attest to these hunts.

Now, not having zoos or museums, the Dragons and Unicorns remains were lost. With proof of their existence gone, they faded into myth and legend.

But some cultures remembered and still look upon them as symbols of good luck. Like the Scottish, the Irish, and the Orientals. And now, you too can add a little good luck over your world.

Each of these Dragons and Unicorns are one of a kind. When you have a problem, they will listen. They won’t pass judgment or offer advise, but you can believe that where ever you are, and no matter your problem, they have heard and are still smiling at you.

And, perhaps, they may send you a little good luck.