About the Artist

Welcome to my world. Some aspects of it are a lot like yours. I eat, sleep, go to work, color within the lines. I went to school like everyone else, excelled in sports and graduated with honors. Went to college, fell in love, married, had kids.  But, like everyone else, I am not all that I seem.  My name is Paula A. Smith.   I was born on a leap year in the cusp between the signs of Aquarius and Pieces.  I was born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and raised in the back woods. Spent most of my time in the woods and swamps and learned a lot there.  The Upper Peninsula has a magical quality about it. Tall forests, fresh water beaches, waterfalls, wild animals and clear skies. I always liked to draw and like most started out drawing, then chalks, then painting.  But it wasn’t until I started sculpting that I felt I had finally found my medium.
Paula Smith
You see, everyone has an artist in them…some just haven’t found their medium to express it yet. Some paint, some sew, some knit or crochet, make quilts, or work puzzles faster then others. You know you’ve found your medium when you feel a joy while you are working with it or upon completion. I have been working with the clay for over 15 years now, and don’t plan to stop.   Now, I am of Irish descent, so it is only natural for me to be attracted to Dragons and Unicorns. It is a law of Physics that states that, “Energy can not be destroyed, it can only be transformed into another form of energy.” So when I make one of my little fantasy creatures, a part of me, that energy used to make it, is actually going into it. Which is why I never make anything if I am angry. The clay reflects that. That’s also, where cursed objects come from. Which is why most of my creations are very happy, perhaps even a little mischievous. They were created to make their owners smile and it has been said of many of them that you can’t look into their little faces without smiling. I never really know what they are going to look like until they are done. As I make the sculptures their personalities start to come through and so when they are finished, I give them a name to match it.I don’t name the Cleavage Critters because that is a personal thing and should be done by it’s owner. Just like when you go and get a new puppy or kitten, you choose the name that is special to you. But remember, who ever names it, is who it believes is its master, and it is they that your new magical pet will guard. For most of the creatures I create are, indeed, guardians. And you are free to rename any creature I have named.I like to take broken and discarded objects and give them a second chance at life. So if you were to enter my work shop you would find a world unlike what is on the other side. Oh yes, Dragons and Unicorns would be watching you, of course, but you would also find colors and lights, broken and discarded objects of all kinds waiting for the time and inspiration to become useful again. A land of possibilities!

When I enter my workshop kingdom, the world upon the other side of the door fades away and the magick of the clay calls me. I know I plan to work with a candle holder or such and I know I plan to make a Dragon or wizard or such, but I have no preliminary drawing of what I plan to make, no blue print. As my hands work…the clay becomes and soon a happy, smiling face is looking up at me. Now I will sometimes work power crystals like Amethyst or Quarts into the piece to give it some power and energy. And I do charge each one of my creations with the task of bringing a smile to the faces of all who look into their faces. A harmless charm designed to bring tranquility and make a person relax. When ever you feel stressed, you can pick up one of my creations and as you look at it, you start to relax and maybe even smile. Their power starts to calm, and before you know it…you find yourself talking to the little guy. And everyone knows when you talk about your problems, you feel better.

I don’t have a store yet that is selling my creations as I travel through Michigan to the various Renaissance Fairs selling my little guys. In the events box you will find a listing of the various shows I will be at in the upcoming months. If I do choose a store I will post it so you can visit. If you know of a place that would suit my little guys, feel free to pass it on to me and I will check it out.I also enjoy doing special orders. For instance, I have been given photos of people and created little sculpture of them dressed in Sorceresses or Wizard garb with Dragons or Unicorns at their feet. I’ve sculpted familiars from photos of peoples cats as well. If you can imagine it, I will try to create it. And, as always, you aren’t obligated to purchase it if you don’t like it.I’d like to make a decent living out of the making and adoption of these little guys, but my biggest hope is that they make those who own them happy to have them in their lives. For it is always a good thing to have a little magic in your life.Live well,

Paula Smith
DragonFly Creations