Welcome to my new site!

Hi , and welcome to my Kingdom.

I hope you like the new digs.  All of my crazy and magical critters are settling in slowly but are enjoying the adventure.

This new site should allow you to see what’s new in my kingdom.  It will allow you to hop over to my pinterest account where I have individual boards for the various critters that come out of my garden.  There is a board there for the odd and unusual, or if you are interested in just Teacup Dragons or only Unicorns, you can find a board there for just them.  Once I bring a new creature from the garden, I photography it.  So all of my newest creations are there.  And if you see a little one that you would like to adopt, you can contact me and I will let you know if it is still there.  Or if you see something there but would like it in a different color…I can do that too.  Special orders don’t cost any more then the original piece but I do have to add tax and shipping charges.  Oh, and I do accept magic plastic (Visa and MasterCard).

There is also a board there that tells you about my shop in Holly.  Even a picture of it, which is good because my little shop has only 8 feet of store front so if you don’t know what you’re looking for and are not of a magical mind when you seek it out…you will pass right by it!   My shop # is 394 and it is only three stores down from “Dead Bobs” stage but even with this knowledge, if you are not of a magical mind set it will be invisible to you.  As my philosophy states, “Seeing is not believing, believing is seeing.”